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Master Assassin

just a hidden blade in the crowd

Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad
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For an odd background and "rules" for this character's playing, see this post. May it be added that recently Altaïr has been put into a plot occurring in a TDK movie universe Gotham that hasn't been put into the post. While Altaïr still goes to Gotham on a semi-regular basis there isn't really much plotting going on anymore. He's also now met his descendant (Desmond) in the Nexus and they get to "wtf" at each other periodically. Much fun. Oh, and don't even ask about his relationship with Ezio now that they've met. Also, if you'd like to ask any questions please only leave OOC comments in that post linked above and no others on this journal; or if you prefer, send me an IM at the listed AIM name on this profile page, or a random comment to a random post on the mun-journal listed below. OH. AND THERE'S ALWAYS THE SIMPLE PM WHICH WORKS WONDERS. /shot. Wow. Okay, anyway. That's it!

This is a role-playing journal for fun by aisuyoukai.
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